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Commitment Spotlight: Logan Parr

Texas has landed a commitment from four-star O’Connor offensive guard Logan Parr, who looks to jump start a solid 2020 offensive line class for the Longhorns



With spots in the 2019 recruiting class becoming limited, coaches are focused on kick-starting their 2020 recruiting classes and setting the foundation. For Texas, they opened the 2020 cycle by landing Lake Travis dual threat quarterback Hudson Card, but since then, the focus has remained on the 2019 cycle as they try to maximize their class and make a run at another top five finish.

Many have wondered how Texas would hit its quota for offensive linemen this cycle, but I’ve been more curious about how the next couple of cycles would play out at the position with the state’s crop in 2020 and 2021 being very stout. Logan Parr is part of that elite crop.

Stocking up on talent in the trenches on both sides of the ball is a way to ensure that a recruiting class has a solid foundation. Landing Parr is a very solid first brick to the foundation of the 2020 recruiting class, and landing more like him will no doubt keep guys like Card happy going forward.

Player Information

Name: Logan Parr

Position: OG

High School: O’Connor

City & State: Helotes, TX


Height: 6’3

Weight:  268

40-yard: N/A

Shuttle: N/A

Vertical: 21.10”


No statistics available.



  • At 6’3 and 268 pounds, Parr looks the part on tape and already possesses solid size for the position. I don’t envision bulking up will be much of a problem.
  • Possesses good play strength that shows up frequently on tape. You don’t see any issues with him moving defenders off of the LOS.
  • Already a good space blocker at this point in his development. Does a good job of locating his assignment as a puller and on screens, and shows he can execute cut blocks at the second level and in space.
  • His speed should give him an ability to get separation from defenders.
  • Very effective as a down blocker and on double teams.
  • Comes off the ball hard consistently and brings the fight to the defender.
  • Constantly looking for work and is always looking to finish defenders.
  • Shows some technical savvy with his handwork in pass protection. Will swat down defenders’ arms and knock them off balance to give him an advantage.
  • Possesses solid mobility and athleticism.
  • Very smart kid (4.0 GPA), so mental processing shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Has a tendency to play a little high at times.
  • At times he can turn his shoulders a little early in pass protection which can give rushers a shorter edge.
  • While he’s a solid athlete, he’s not a good or great one. Even for his position, the vertical number is not great and shows a lack of explosiveness.
  • Will likely be asked to be a swing player, but I’m not sure how he projects to playing center at this stage with the lack of snaps there.


Logan Parr is a three-year varsity letterman for O’Connor high school out of Helotes, Texas. Parr is a guard/tackle prospect that likely projects to the interior at the collegiate level. At 6’3, 268 pounds Parr possesses solid size for the position and certainly passes the eyeball test on tape. Parr also possesses the frame to continue filling out once he hits a college strength and conditioning program, so I don’t anticipate adding on mass being an issue. From an athleticism standpoint, Parr possesses solid mobility and is a solid athlete, but overall he seems to lack explosiveness as shown by his below-average vertical. On the flip side, Parr displays good play strength on tape and I don’t foresee that being an issue moving forward, as he doesn’t struggle to get movement on defenders. Parr shows on tape that he is competent drive blocker while also showing he excels as a down blocker. As a pass blocker, Parr shows the ability to mirror defenders consistently and also shows a technical savvy when the hands battle. Parr also shows the understanding of staying on the same level as his teammates when it comes to effectively passing off twists and stunts, which is easily a plus at this stage.

With that said, Parr does show a habit of turning his shoulders early, which can be problematic against better defenders. As a blocker, Parr wins me over by consistently looking for work and is consistently looking to finish off defenders when he gets them on skates. On tape Parr shows to be a good space blocker at this stage in his development, as he fares well as a puller and in the screen game. Parr consistently is able to track and identify his assignment on the move and get his body in the proper position to execute his block. Parr also shows that he can execute a cut block properly on the move, which takes a good amount of athleticism when you are targeting linebackers and defensive backs in those situations. Since I project Parr to the interior at the next level, I would like to know if he has the capability to log snaps at center, but with the lack of film that’s a question mark currently. He’s a very bright kid who possesses a 4.0 GPA, so if he has to cross train at that position down the line, I feel confident that mental processing won’t be an issue.

Final Verdict

Landing Parr gives the Longhorns the first of what could be several elite offensive linemen for the 2020 recruiting class. With top-end talent at the position being thin in-state for the 2019 recruiting cycle, it made landing quality bodies in 2020 a big priority and Herb Hand didn’t waste any time getting on the board early.

Parr gives you talented player who has a good amount of upside on the interior and a guy who could potentially play tackle in a pinch. If he shows down the line that he is capable of logging snaps at center, then you’ve got yourself a very versatile chess piece that brings a lot of value to your meeting room. You can never have enough versatility on your roster, and that goes double when it comes to the offensive line.

Getting Parr in the boat early is a great news for the Texas staff, as they try to assemble an elite haul along the offensive line to try and sway the likes of elite skill players such as North Shore’s Zach Evans hop on board. Parr is just one piece of the puzzle, and now Texas needs to find four more of the same caliber.

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