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Commitment Spotlight: Tyler Johnson

The overall talent along the offensive line was down in-state during the previous cycle, but it is leaps and bounds better for the 2019 cycle. If there was ever a time to take a big group of hog mollies then this is the cycle to do it if you are an in-state or regional power because there are some great players with serious upside in the Lone Star State.

Among that talented group is Conroe Oak Ridge offensive tackle Tyler Johnson, who has been a sought after commodity for some time now and has long held an offer from the Longhorns. Johnson was offered by Texas early last spring and has since been a high priority for the staff as they continue to build up the depth at tackle on campus.

Texas has been a constant in Johnson’s recruitment ever since they entered the picture over a year ago, but the Longhorns landing his teammate Joseph Ossai last cycle definitely didn’t hurt their chances. Offensive tackles like Johnson are viewed as the cornerstones of offensive lines and he is now the cornerstone of Texas’ offensive line class as he has announced his commitment to the Longhorns.

Film Analysis

Player Information

Name: Tyler Johnson

Position: OT

High School: Conroe Oak Ridge

City & State: Conroe, TX



Height: 6’5 (Unverified)

Weight:  308 (Unverified)

40-yard: 5.44 (Unverified)

Shuttle:  N/A

Vertical: N/A


Stats Unavailable



  • Possesses solid tackle measurables at 6’5, 308 pounds, which places him above the threshold you look for at the position.
  • Also possesses the desired length for the position. His size and length will make him tough to get around on the edge.
  • Possesses good feet and good athleticism that should translate well to other facets of his game.
  • Good drive blocker in the run game and shows the functional strength to move defenders off the LOS in the run game.
  • Brings his feet and hips on contact with defenders.
  • Athleticism shows through as a puller and in space in the screen game. Moves well, shows good balance and is able to locate and execute his assignment.
  • Always looking to finish off defenders once engaged.
  • A lot of untapped potential in his game and has the tools to be a really good player at the next level.


  • Can be a bit grabby at times, which could make him a target for holding calls if not worked on.
  • Majority of his snaps on tape are as a run blocker, so he will no doubt have a bit of a learning curve as a pass blocker.
  • Needs to work on playing with better leverage when engaged with defenders.
  • Hands are outside the frame too frequently at this stage, but that can be ironed out with time.Will likely need a redshirt year to iron out some technique deficiencies. Won’t be a guy you plug in the two deep from day one


 Tyler Johnson out of Conroe Oak Ridge is a thick, bodied kid who already has the offensive tackle starter kit at 6’5, 308 pounds.  His athleticism is evident with how he moves laterally and in space on film and he shows the ability to bring his feet and snap his hips on contact with defenders. In the run game, he shows the ability to drive defenders off the LOS and get movement at the POA as a solo blocker and also shows the ability to get movement when he has to get hip to hip with the guard on double teams. As a puller, Johnson’s athleticism shows through as he doesn’t get off balance, he is able to locate his assignment and follow through with execution of the assignment. Likewise in the screen game, Johnson moves very well and shows the ability to get his hat on smaller defenders in space that often prove to be very elusive and difficult for offensive linemen to get the their hands on. Johnson does need to continue to improve on consistently playing with good leverage when engaged with defenders in the run game and his hand usage needs to improve as he has a tendency to play outside the frame, which can lead to penalties if not corrected. At this stage in his development, the tape on Johnson as a pass blocker is very limited due to the style of offense he plays in. He shows that he can mirror defenders on the edge and proves that he can be very tough to get around due to his size and length. Due to the lack of tape and film at this point, Johnson is likely to be very raw as a pass protector and will likely require a redshirt year so he can learn the nuances of pass protection. The skill set to be a quality pass blocker is already there for Johnson, but he needs to show on tape that he can excel on at it as a senior or at least show he is working towards it. There is a lot of untapped potential to Johnson’s game just due to the fact that much isn’t asked of him as a pass blocker at this point.


Final Verdict

 Landing Johnson is a great way to kick off what has a chance to be a very good offensive line haul for Texas. As I said before , guys like Johnson are viewed as the cornerstone of an offensive line, and if you an pair him with a guy like Javonne Shepherd down the line, then the future in the trenches for the Longhorns is very bright.

Johnson has the ability to be plugged in at either left or right tackle when he arrives on campus and I think he is the definition of a high ceiling/ high floor player. If he studs out I think he ends up being a multi-year starter at tackle with legit NFL pay day potential and at minimum he ends up kicking inside and being a solid guard who will have plus athleticism for the position.

Landing Johnson early gives Texas a solid foundation to build upon and the staff will continue to work hard guys like Shepherd, Branson Bragg, and Kenyon Green as they try to put together an elite haul along the offensive line to go along with the elite skill position haul they put together last cycle.

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