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Offensive Grades: TCU

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We all watched the same game. The Texas offense was dreadful. It was as bad as an offensive performance that I’ve seen since the Arkansas game in 2014 and Oklahoma State a few weeks ago. The offense finished with 261 total yards, but the stats do not tell the entire story. Let’s take a look at the offensive grades:


Shane Buechele spent much of the game running for his life. He had a few bright spots, including a few nice throws on Texas’ only scoring drive in the second quarter, but overall the sophomore struggled. Buechele missed wide open receivers running down the field multiple times and ran himself into sacks far too often. For an offense that is already severely limited, it becomes even more difficult with the lack of a running game that #7 brings to the table.

I am not sure what Texas should do at quarterback going forward, but I am not sure any quarterback is in an environment for success right now.

Grade: D+

Running Back

Like most games this season, the coaching staff chose to abandon the run by halftime. The few times Texas tried to run between the tackles, Daniel Young was getting yards all by himself. Young finished the game with 12 carries for 31 yards, with Chris Warren adding one carry for 3 yards. Kyle Porter played sparingly, but whiffed on a couple of pass protection pickups.

Young got involved in the passing game, catching 2 balls for 42 yards. Texas has found some success with Young and Carter, but the ceiling is limited with Carter nursing a concussion and the offensive line performing the way it is. This is the hardest position group to grade because of how much they rely on those around them to create running room. Texas needs more production from every position on offense, including this group.

Grade: C-

Wide Receiver/Tight End

For a unit that sees their quarterback scrambling around often, the receivers still need a lot of work on the scramble drill and helping out their QB. I wonder how Shane Buechele feels when he is scrambling around and seeing receivers stand still and clap their hands.

Collin Johnson had 3 catches for 49 yards and a touchdown. I find it hard to believe that there are not more ways to get him and Lil Jordan Humphrey involved. Texas has one of the most talented receiving groups in the Big 12, but the consistency is simply not there.

I thought Cade Brewer played an okay game, but still gets beat at times when he is asked to block.

Grade: D+

Offensive Line

Shane Buechele was sacked 7 times. Seven. There is not one offensive lineman right now that could start for another Big 12 team with the way they are performing. The run blocking may be worse than the pass blocking. There’s no need to beat a dead horse. Texas desperately needs Connor Williams back.

Run Block: F
Pass Block: F

Offensive Play Calling

Texas is not a drop back passing team, and that’s what Gary Patterson made them during predictable down and distances. Asking Shane Buechele to do 5 step drops behind this offensive line is a recipe for disaster. Tim Beck tried to implement the short passing game often to try to stay in manageable 2nd and 3rd downs, but it did not work. The delay draw play has lost yards every time it has been run this year and needs to be scraped from the playbook, as does the wildcat package. The Longhorns can not get fancy with their play calling and execution because they can’t even do the simple things correct right now.

Grade: F

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Jameson McCausland is a senior Sports Management major at the University of Texas. He is originally from Frisco, Texas, where he grew up a Longhorn fan. His two favorite sports are football and baseball, both of which he covers for HornSports. He enjoys spending time with family and friends in his spare time.

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