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Burnt Ends – 03/31/17

The point on a brisket is typically the fattiest cut. Pitmasters often trim the point (and select edges) off a brisket and return those pieces to the smoker.

Are burnt ends tough, chewy worthless cuts of meat, or are they heavenly bites of smoky goodness? It depends on who you ask…

Rather than discard the trimmings and fat, we choose to savor all the information that flows through the site. So, sit down and help yourself to some burnt ends.


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This week’s edition of Burnt Ends focuses on the Texas targets that performed at the Under Armour Camp last weekend in Dallas. The talent on-hand was plentiful and dynamic.

Here are 10 guys that took it to another level at the camp.


Gemon and German Green

While before the Green twins may have possibly gone their separate ways, the twins are now a package deal. Right now, the three schools the two have really been thinking about are TCU, Texas, and Michigan. While Texas hasn’t offered German and the other two have, Texas doesn’t seem to be that far off from offering German. If they do, I’d feel safe saying Texas would be in the lead of this race.

Both of the twins had pretty stellar days on the field. Both had multiple PBUs and German had a really nice one where he swatted a ball out of mid-air. On top of this I was impressed with Gemon’s speed, which honestly, I didn’t know he possessed. After this past weekend watching them live, I became a lot more comfortable with offering these two guys.

Justin Rogers and Casey Thompson

It was basically the headline of the event for Longhorn media was the battle between the two Texas QB targets. While Casey Thompson had, a good day throwing the ball, Justin Rogers shined. Justin Rogers threw a pretty ball that was perfectly placed to WR despite strong winds blowing across the field. They both displayed good footwork during drills, but overall throughout the camp we were most impressed with Justin Rogers.

Justin Rogers had just received his offer a few days before the camp. It definitely hurt Texas’ standing with Justin that the offer came so late as he was expecting it during the Junior Days the Longhorns held in February. When we asked him if Texas now has some ground to make up he told us, “Yeah. I mean when I came to Junior Day, I thought I was going to get the offer. They had a miscommunication with my film. They hadn’t watched it. Herman wasn’t really paying attention because he was moving his family in. He apologized for that. I’m not mad about it. Only thing we can do is move forward and build our relationship.”

When asked where Texas stands now he responded, “They’re not at the top, but they’re not at the bottom. They still have some work to do.” Right now the leaders for the Louisiana QB are TCU, LSU, Tennessee, and Oregon.

Casey Thompson was also a little perturbed that Texas held off on letting him commit to Texas. He showed up to the camp wearing UNC gear which has become the favorite recently for his services. However, Casey will be visiting Texas this weekend. It will be a great opportunity for Texas to really reestablish themselves as the leaders in his recruitment, if they so choose.

Bishop Dunne Crew

Out on the field Sunday were two future stars of the 2019 class from Bishop Dunne, top safety in the country Brian Williams and outstanding athlete Marquez Beason.

Currently Brian Williams is taking the process as slow as he can. No top schools and not letting himself be swayed. Just listening to the pitches of the coaches that talk to him and analyzing his options. Many have him pinned as a Razorback, but I wouldn’t be so fast as to hop on that train just yet. Despite his brother and next door neighbor (Chevin Calloway) playing for the Hogs, Brian is still very open minded about where he wants to play. Texas, Notre Dame, and Texas A&M were schools he talked about beyond Arkansas.

When we asked Brian about his Texas offer he said, “that was wild when I found out. I was floored. It meant a lot to me growing up watching Texas.” While Brian hasn’t set a date yet to visit Austin, expect him to hit up a practice or two this Spring.

Marquez Beason is a smooth running inside wide receiver who has the athleticism to switch sides and play some defensive back. We’ve only had the chance to watch him on the offensive side of the ball, but we like what we’ve seen. He is very elusive on his routes, but it’s when you get the ball in his hand that he becomes really dangerous. Great top end speed, field vision, and elusiveness.

Currently the two big schools for Marquez are Notre Dame and Nebraska. Closer to home it is the Aggies that out ahead in the recruitment. Currently Coach Sumlin is personally taking on his recruitment. He’s also being recruited by the Longhorns, however, like most 2019 WRs, they are taking their time. Right now, Coach Warehime is the man in charge of recruiting Beason. However, Marquez feels very confident that Texas will be the next school to offer him.

Lastly but certainly not leastly is one of our favorite players in the state, Calvin “Boogie” Avery. He is the big and strong, possesses a great frame, has the fastest first step in the state on DL, creates a lot of energy really fast, and above all else, is a funny dude. It was a head scratcher to me why Herman wasn’t even pursuing him despite him being one of the very first guys they offered. Well, Giles has started to talk a lot more to Boogie, and Boogie is feeling it. In fact, he planned to make a trip to Austin this next weekend, but his plans fizzled out when he couldn’t find a ride. He’ll make it down to Austin later this Spring, and when he does the staff will have to really sell him. He’s a take any year, but especially this year.

Trejan Bridges

Bridges is a guy who is less under the radar than he was before the Opening Regional; however, we still feel Trejan is not being taken seriously enough. If there is one way to describe Bridges it would be fluid. He moves like a snake and runs routes very well for splitting his time between football and basketball. He’s just impressive when he moves with sudden burst and ability to stop on a dime. Not to mention he’s got wonderful hands.

Trejan is currently in constant contact with Tim Beck, “I tell them I want to go to Texas.” They talk a few times a week. But if I were Texas, I would hop on this recruitment a bit faster before some big names like USC, Tennessee, Oregon, Ole Miss, and Oklahoma get to him first.

Jonathon Shepard

Another guy whowill blow up is Shepard. When he does, Texas will be in a good position for the East Texas WR. Shepard had an outstanding day last Sunday and was one of the best out there. Shepard is a long, fast, and athletic guy who once he polishes up his game just a bit will be a guy you want on your campus.

Texas has been hot on his trail for a while now, but haven’t pulled the trigger. Wait until later summer.

Austin Stogner

Austin Stogner may be the best 2019 TE in the country right now. Dude has hands, is big, and can block. We were specifically impressed with his route running and sneaky speed. It’s not every day you get a TE that is this polished this early.

He’s got a short list right now and Texas is in it for sure. He plans to make a visit to Texas sometime this spring for a practice. If (when) Texas gives Stogner the offer, feel very good about their chances with the TE from Dallas. Texas will be battling with Stanford, A&M, and TCU for Stogner.

Stogner would be a wonderful fit for Herman’s TE heavy offense. If he continues progressing that he’s a must have for any team.

Grant Gunnell

Hailed as the next best QB to come out of the state of Texas. Every coach, trainer, and scout we’ve talked to raves about Grant Gunnell’s elite frame, pocket poise, and arm. Gunnell surely didn’t disappoint on Sunday. He displayed excellent footwork despite pushing 6’6”. He throws a beautiful ball, with good anticipation and timing. Not to mention his arm strength. He was pushing the ball down the field despite having some very strong wind right in his face.

Grant recently visited Texas and when reflecting upon the visit he came away impressed with the academics of the school and his one-on-one time with Tim Beck. The Longhorns haven’t really pushed the recruitment due to fit concerns and wanting to watch him throw in person.

Beyond all that he’s a good level-headed kid who has stayed humble despite all the praise. Props to him for that.

Dax Hill

Dax caught our attention during the Opening Dallas Regional when he swatted down a pass from Roschon Johnson going to Kameron Brown (both 2019 Texas offer holders). We were looking for him to back up his performance from Frisco at the camp Sunday. While he only had about eight reps each one was an excellent display of his speed, athleticism, and ability around the ball. His speed and burst are particularly special and allow him elite ability to break back down on a ball. He was so impressive that he got selected to the Future50 alongside one of the top rated DBs in the nation in 2019, Brian Williams.

I mean, just watch his tape:

Dax Hill still is unrated despite having offers from both Oklahoma schools and being in talks with the Texas staff, but once the services get around to giving this guy some stars I’d expect quite a few offers to pour in. If Texas could get in early on this guy, it’d go a long way in pulling him out of the Sooner state.

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